Sam liked to spend the majority of his time drunk off his rocker. He also, unfortunately, thought he could handle his booze better than he actually could. This was the reason that Sam’s license was facing revocation on his next DUI charge.

At a party to celebrate getting his license back, thrown by his enabling friends, he decided that everyone needed more alcohol and snuck out to go get some.

While on the way back from the liquor store, the cover of night hid any swerving he might be doing. The drive was going well until he decided he could beat a red light and hit someone who was crossing. Knowing that if he were to stick around, he’d lose his license permanently.

Figuring that the best course of action would be to burn rubber and flee, he did so. In his haste to get home, he took a corner too wide and smashed into a light post, totaling the car and fatally injured himself.

Luckily, for several people, Sam was an organ donor. When the paramedics arrived, they found him dead on the scene. Soon thereafter, they would remove his organs to be taken to their awaiting organ recipients. The unfortunate reality was that Sam was still alive, but his brain was too badly damaged for him to show any signs of life.

Millions of people worldwide are organ donors. Sadly, not all of them are dead when people come to claim the organs.