as i write this,i am panicking for my life.It all started one summer's evening when i was watching the x factor.

I heard a strange noise coming from the pantry,so i thought CRAP burglers again!
Jeff The Killer

jeff is watching you

so i crept to the pantry,a loaded spas 12 shotgun in my hand.I opened the door and saw my daughter,covered

in blood,and a note that said:AGATHA IM COMING FOR YOU..GO TO SLEEP!

i called the cops but got a PISSIN busy line! 2 nights later i was reading a guide to JEFF THE KILLER who seemed

to match my daughter's killer exactly.I got another note saying DON'T SNITCH ON ME AGATHA,THERE'S NO

HOPE FOR YOU.I was really scared now,i phoned the police again but got voice saying:GO..TO..SLEEP!

so here i am,writing these very wor....what was that? OH...GOD...DEAR...LORD ITS HIM...NOOOOOOOOOOOOO....UHH.

dear creepypasta reader i can see you,your every move,you can't see me but i can see you,remember...I AM WATCHING YOU....GO TO SLEEP!!

signed jeffery wood