Everyone knows that colours are simply the result of the reflection of light, yet everything we see is represented by these few colours present in one spectrum. However, most people aren’t aware that under certain conditions our world is not limited to this. What these conditions are, I will not reveal for the safety of the reader. Despite this, I will disclose that there are several places on this earth which are affected by this ‘changing of the colours’. Think, sunspots on the face of the sun.

These places usually appear just as we would expect, but are affected by a certain cycle during which they will briefly become as dark as the deepest reaches of the vacuum of space, known as 'Impossible Colours'. Do not think of pitch black. Another shade of emptiness, unimaginable to humans. For this period, the place changes entirely, in shape and form, inhabited by beings constructed in strange dimensions which would lead to complete insanity in many witnesses. However this is not the most gut-wrenching element present here.

After the short interjection between the normal spectrum and this other, impossible niche hidden from reality, unfortunate beings who have managed to slip inside and become lost here are subjected to a terrible fate. Once this short timeframe has occurred those present are unable to ever return. Some call this the ‘abyss’. According to certain unspecified folklore, those left behind become one with the colours visible in our world and are dismissed as spectators for eternity.

They just watch on with their last thread of hope